SMCDC October Event: How to Engage Bloggers

While I’m a bit delayed in getting here, I’m delighted to be writing my first post for the SMCDC blog; a wrapup of our excellent event from last week. I’ll be posting here from time to time about local social media events (don’t forget about Blog Potomac and TWTRCON happening this week!) and any other goodies that come to mind. Stay tuned!

As for last week’s event, thanks to everyone who came out on a chilly, rainy DC night–we continue to be thrilled by the enthuiastic response from the DC social media community. It was great to see so many of you at the event, we were almost down to only standing room by the time things got underway. Congrats to our wonderful events team for pulling everything together, and to PepCo for the venue.

Great crowd turnout at SMCDC October event!

Great crowd turnout at SMCDC October event!

For our topic this month, we decided to cover the Do’s and Don’ts of blogger outreach, and who better to ask than the bloggers themselves? We put together an outstanding panel of bloggers from some very different demographics: motherhood, comedy, entertainment, race, and diversity.

* Sarah Braesh,
* Amie Adams,
* Leon Scott,
* Latoya Peterson, and

Moderated by Shana Glickfield (, these varied bloggers discussed types of pitches they love (relevant, creative, transparent), the types of pitches they hate (if you don’t know by now to make blogger pitches as personal as possible and make it obvious that you’ve read the blog at least once, you probably shouldn’t bother pitching), and much, much more (let’s just say this is likely the first time adult sex toys have come up at an SMCDC event!).

What strikes me about blogger outreach discussions is how much of it strikes me as common sense, and the same instructions I’ve been hearing from bloggers for years:

— Be relevant — Be personal — Be memorable — Be transparent

— Don’t spam — Don’t offer $50 gift cards for bloggers to attend briefings (really, this apparently happened) — Don’t continue to email someone irrelevant spammy press releases when they’ve asked you not to, or the awesome Latoya Peterson will tell everyone at SMCDC who you are and how much she hates you

Some of these things are so simple, but people obviously still aren’t getting it; which is probably why so many social media events might seem redundant in tone and discussion to those of us who have been to dozens of them in recent years. How long will it take to sink in?

My favorite moments of the night:

— Swag Patrol: As Amie Adams pointed out, just becuase she’s a mommy blogger doesn’t mean she wants a free Swiffer (though she might review a free silicone sex toy). Leon “complained” about getting free bottles of tequila (hey Leon, send them my way, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands!) for reasons he didn’t quite understand.

— Blogging Ain’t Easy: Many panelists pointed out that blogging for a living isn’t easy. You won’t make big bucks, you probably won’t get famous, and you might have to blog about Jon & Kate occasionally.

— The FTC and Paris Hilton: Amie argued that no one is asking Paris Hilton to pay $11,000 fines for wearing free designer duds on the red carpet that she might not disclose, but bloggers are being held to that standard–is it fair?

— Real-time Social Q&A: Several times in the night, either moderator Shana or one of the panelists would answer a question posted to Twitter. Sweet!

Thanks again to all our participating bloggers–everyone should check out each of their blogs, as they were all funny, articulate, and proof that influencers come from all corners of the blogospheres, and that brands should take note.


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