SMC-DC May Event: Social Media: Weapons of Mass Disruption

Advances in technology and the Internet have made it easy to connect and share information with others, but what if that information falls into unwanted hands? The online world presents new and sometimes imminent threats to our privacy and security.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us at the International Spy Museum for a night of espionage, exposed. We’ll have real intelligence experts and ex-spies on hand to declassify some of the ways intelligence has used social media and technology to conduct operations and fight cyber attacks.

Learn about what it’s like to be a cyber forensic specialist. Hear real-life examples of ways hackers have wreaked havoc on our society by breaking into mainframes, like during the New York City Blackout of 2003. Uncover the history of the tradecraft and find out what it takes to be a modern day spy in a cyber war era.

Thanks to the International Spy Museum for hosting and sponsoring this event
Follow them on Twitter: @IntlSpyMuseum

Event Venue:
800 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20004
The International Spy Museum is located in Downtown, Washington, DC within the Pennsylvania Quarter neighborhood and stretches the entire city block between 9th and 8th Streets at 800 F Street, NW

The closest Metro station is the Gallery Place/Chinatown stop, served by the RED,YELLOW and GREEN lines. Also nearby is the Metro Center station, served by the ORANGE, BLUE, and RED lines.

Due to capacity limits within the museum, we *must* cap attendance at 75 people.
Tickets will be made available on our eventbrite page in three waves:
– Monday, May 3: Noon ET
– Wednesday, May 5: 3:00 PM ET
– Friday, May 7: Noon ET

Once the event reaches full capacity, we will start a waitlist. Please email us at if you wish to be added to the list, or to cancel your reserved spot.

To RSVP, visit the following page:


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