Our Top Secret Mission … EXPOSED!

Last week, members of the Social Media Club of DC were asked to put their super sleuthing skills to the test, as we challenged them to hunt through the International Spy Museum (@IntlSpyMuseum) to solve a series of clues, while learning about the history of espionage.

SMC-DC’ers gathered in the debriefing room, where Peter Earnest, ex-CIA agent and executive director of the Spy Museum, delivered the mission details.  “At the Spy Museum, nothing is what it seems,” he warned.

  • @FiZ: has been decepted by the spy museum. …he should have seen this coming#smcdc

After splitting up into teams of three, SMC-DC agents were set loose to explore the museum in search of answers to questions like, “how many license plates does the Aston Martin DB5 have?” And “What was the purpose of the Berlin tunnel?” Each correct answer earned the team points. Bonus points were awarded to agents who used their social media savvy to record and upload additional evidence of their scavenger hunt (i.e., pictures, video, Foursquare tips).

Special museum informants were on hand to provide teams with their next clues.
Tip: Look for an agent wearing a red carnation. Approach the agent and comment on the spring weather. The agent will hand you an assignment.

After a hard night’s work of sleuthing, Chef Bryan Moscatello (@ChefBryanDC) and crew served up mini sliders at the Spy City Café, where the crowd gathered to wait for the winners’ announcement.

  • @ListenToLeon: @chefbryandc Thank you for the awesome sliders! #smcdc
  • @laura_schreiber: Awesome event by #smcdc & @intlspymuseum tonight! 1st time to Spy Museum, tweeting video, & eating lobster sliders. So much fun!
  • @ChefBryanDC: Yeah @smcdc @intlspymuseum! Enjoy. Slider fans come see us at Zola!

Honors for top SMC-DC agents of the night went to team 6: @nikkirap, @BenBalter and @Nacin.

  • @nikkirap: RT @BenBalter: @Nacin and I are apparently the biggest social media dorks in D.C. Won the #SMCDC scavenger hunt at the @intlspymuseum. w00t
  • @IntlSpyMuseum: Thanks @smcdc! We hope u all come back to SPY with us soon. Congrats 2 last night’s top agents- @nikkirap @nacin @BenBalter

A HUGE thanks goes out to the Spy Museum as event host. If you weren’t able to make it, the Spy Museum offers similar programming, including Spy in the City, a GPS-guided hunt through Washington, D.C.

Additional thanks go out to everyone for letting us test your spy smarts and social media skills. Check out our video clip, here:

SMC DC May Event: International Spy Museum from AndreaGenevieve Michnik on Vimeo.

*Photo Credits: @alexpriest, @smcdc
*Video Credit: AndreaGenevieve
*Note: We apologize if anyone was upset about the way the event was misrepresented.


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