SMC-DC Leadership Team 2010-2011: Open for All Members!

We’re excited to announce openings for our Social Media Club DC (SMC-DC) Leadership Team this year. After a stellar year with our current team, we have decided to expand our team to accommodate our growing membership.

The success and example of our friends at IABC, WWPR, WIT and PRSA-NCC have led us down a path where we’ve decided to structure a board and committee team member organization. We’re hoping this will allow more positions for members to become active, and also to help us grow even bigger and provide more useful content and activities for our close to 1,500 members.

Thank you to all our current team members who helped make this past year so wonderful.

  1. Larissa Fair (@LYF108)
  2. Andrea Baker (@immunity)
  3. Sarah Wurrey (@sarahwurrey)
  4. Travis Mason (@tgmason)
  5. Sara (Burson) Willis (@swegl)
  6. Andi Narvaez (SMBDC) (@andinarvaez)
  7. Maia Kotlus-Gates (@maiakg)
  8. Beth McNamee (@bethmcnamee)
  9. Nisha Chittal (@nishachittal)
  10. Meg Roberts (@megmroberts)
  11. Gabriel Key (@gabrielmkey)

We’re looking forward to making SMC-DC an even better organization with a little help from our members. Here are opportunities for you to join our team:

  • VP of Digital History (oversees Marketing & Digital Content Committee)
  • DC Events Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • MD/VA Events Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • SMBDC Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • Sponsorship Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • Partnership Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • Membership & Community Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • Marketing & Digital Content Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)

Not sure where to start? Are you extremely organized and  well-connected in the DC metro area? Do you love event planning, sweating the small stuff and bringing people together? Check out our Events Committee. Early birds flock to the SMBDC Committee. If you have a huge network, don’t mind asking for donations, and are excited to help raise funds to keep our organization running smoothly, we NEED you for the Sponsorship Committee. Do you have a passion for charitable work? Do you love connecting the right people together? Are you a community leader? Join the Partnership Committee. Do you love to be connected? Interested in getting to know more about our members? Dedicated to community management? Check out our Membership & Community Committee. If you love to document events, take photos, enjoy graphic design (and web design), and have a knack with a video camera, we need your skills on our Marketing & Digital Content Committee. Applications are due August 6th, so take your time!

We are also looking for some web savvy graphic designers to help us make our online properties pop! Since SMC-DC is one of the largest chapters of Social Media Club in the country, we want to show off our stuff. Please contact us if you’re interested in designing a web page / blog site for us, and helping with our online branding (Facebook landing page, Twitter page, etc.). E-mail Larissa at larissafair(@)gmail(dot)com to volunteer. Thanks in advance!

Check out the open positions and committee descriptions and apply for a position. We can’t wait to hear from you.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hello.

    What’s the process/timeframe for selecting the committee members?



    • We are accepting applications until this August 6, 2010 and will be making the decisions over the next two weeks to fill positions. Please let everyone know, we are still eagerly accepting applications.


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