Dan Morrison: The #CitizenGulf Story and National Day of Action on 8/25th

How did one blogger fact-finding trip lead to a full National Day of Action to help Gulf children and their families?

CitizenEffect‘s founder Dan Morrison shares the story and hope for helping out the Gulf region.  How can you help?  Attend great parties next week on 8/25th where your $10 fee (or more if you’d like!) goes toward helping the educational futures for children of Gulf fishing families.

Dan will be our featured speaker at CitizenGulf-DC! We hope you will be there to meet him in person, to have a great time, and to support this great cause! Click below to RSVP:

Register for CitizenGulf DC: National Day of Action in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

Special thanks to original team  member of the CitizenGulf project, Jill Foster, for producing this video interview!

Thanks to #CitizenGulf local supporters

Check out the Oil Spill Browser Plug-in created by Jess3.

At any mention of BP, the word is blacked out and oil drips down.


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