Event Recap: Start Your Engines-Smart Social For Startups

Guest post by: Liz Glomb, DC Events Committee Member

Despite the sleet and rain that came pouring down from the skys that night, a very large number of folks braved the elements and made it out the Smart Social for Startups SMC-DC event at the DC headquarters for LivingSocial on March 30, 2011. Attendees were greeted with snacks, a phenomenal venue, and an excellent panel full of some of the great minds behind some of the local start-ups. The event’s purpose was to see how the speakers leveraged the power of social media to connect with the community and promote their products and services.

Speakers for the event included Munish Gandhi (@munishgandhi, Founder of Hy.ly) who served as moderator for the event, Peter LaMotte (@PeterLamotte, President of GeniusRocket), Chris Golden (@ChrisGolden, Co-Founder of MyImpact.org), and Maire Griffin (Director of Communications @LivingSocial).

The topic for the event was centered around how start-up companies have used social media to get going, and how they continuously use it to their advantage. The start-up scene, especially in Washington, D.C., has never been so active. The D.C. metro area has become the home of several companies that have now grown internationally, as well as countless other smaller, creative businesses that are spurring innovation, creating solutions and improving lives in all sorts of ways.
The panel produced a very lively conversation which brought up many interesting points, and after an hour of a great discussion, here are a few of the highlights as seen through the manytweets from the night:

  • Let your strategy evolve. It leaves room for innovation. Be ahead of the curve. (MyImpact)
  • It’s easy for a company to set up a contest. It’s hard for a company to find content that represents its brand. (Peter Lamotte)
  • The Culture of your company will dictate your social media strategy. (LivingSocial)
  • Jumping right into social media with no strategy or process isn’t always a good thing. Take Baby Steps. It will help you steer a better ship. Figure out what goes on which platform.
  • The things that you tweet, you cannot put on Facebook. The things that you put on Facebook, you cannot tweet.
  • Be Transparent and Be Honest
  • “The Internet Never Forgets” (Peter Lamotte)
  • Do not overlook the importance of transparency and storytelling in social media.
  • There are more important metrics to a company than just social media.
  • Facebook updates and tweets take viewers away from your website. Make sure to loop them back in. (Peter Lamotte)

And that’s the recap for the “Start Your Engines: Smart Social For Startups” SMCDC event. MANY thanks to LivingSocial DC for being such great hosts to our members and eventgoers. Another thank you goes out to our moderator and panelists for their great insights,conversations, and humor. For more information about the Social Media Club DC and other events, please follow the conversation on Twitter (@smcdc) and “like” us on Facebook.


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