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Announcing the 2010-2011 SMC-DC Leadership Team

First, we want to thank everyone who applied for our leadership team this year. We were thrilled with the number of applications and it really warmed our hearts to see so many enthusiastic and eager people ready to volunteer their time for Social Media Club. Many are new to the organization, and many are old friends. We have a great mix and expect to see lots of changes (for the better) to our events and processes.

Congratulations to our new team. We’re very jazzed to make SMC-DC even better this year!

Quick tidbits:

Stay tuned for announcements in early September as we kick off the 2010-2011 year.

Advisory Board
President – Larissa Fair (@LYF108)

Oversees VPs; Liaison to SMC Nationals.
Vice President of Financing –  Andrea Baker (@Immunity)
Oversees Sponsorship, Partnership Committees
Vice President of Events – Sarah Wurrey (@SarahWurrey)
Oversees Events and Membership & Community Committees
Vice President of Digital History – Forrest Kobayashi (@ForrestKoba)
Oversees Marketing and Digital Content Committee
Vice President of Social Media Breakfast – Andi Narvaez (@AndiNarvaez)
Oversees Social Media Breakfast  Committee
SMC-EDU Liaisons – Andrea G.  Michinik (@AndreaGenevieve) and Yong C. Lee (@YongCLee)

Events DC

  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Sara Willis (@swegl)
    • Rachael King (@livitluvit)
  • Team Members
    • Gabriel Key (@FoodforUs)
    • Shannon Sweeney (@DCDiners)
    • Alex Priest (@alexpriest)
    • Elizabeth Glomb (@eglomb)
    • Robert Eckhardt (@roberteckhardt)

Events NOVA/MD

  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Maia Kotlus-Gates (@MaiaKG)
    • Joe Gizzi (@DistrictJoe)
  • Team Members
    • Nadia Dawson (@NadiaDawson)
    • Sarah Oyungu (@MizDiva)
    • Angenella Fleming (@NeoSoulAlterEgo)
    • Stephani Simmons (@StephDio)

Social Media Breakfast (SMBDC)

  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Rachel Rule (@RachelRule)
    • James Walker (@jaywalk1)
  • Team Members
    • Mike Kohn (@mike_kohn)
    • Tory Patrick (@toryk)
    • Jorge Hurtado (@jorgehurtadof)
    • Jorgina (Jenny) Andrawis (@jennyandrawis)


  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Priya Ramesh (@newpr)
    • Melissa Amor (@GTownMel)
  • Team Members
    • Heather Neisworth (@HeathGirl)
    • Susan Kuhn (@SweetSue)

Partnerships (including charitable outreach)

  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Bob Fine (@BobFine)
    • Nicole Krug (@NicoleKrug)
  • Team Members
    • Shannon Mouton (@ShannonRenee)
    • Christine Johnson (@ChristineCelise)
    • Stacia Cosner (@TheStacia)

Membership and Community

  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Beth McNamee (Content) (@BethMcNamee)
    • Kristen Variola (Community Manager) (@KVariola)
  • Team Members – Content
    • Maggie McGary (@MaggieLMcG)
    • Madia Logan (@Madia)
    • Richard Rawson (@RichardRawson)
  • Team Members – Community Manager
    • Tamara Rasberry (@MsRasberryInc)
    • Brian Citizen (@BrianCitizen)
    • Carlos Miro (@MiroComm)

Marketing and Digital Content

  • Committee Co-Chairs
    • Sarah Cannon (@RogueCannon)
    • Joe Higgs (@JPHiggs)
  • Team Members
    • Chris Abraham (@ChrisAbraham)
    • Mary Fletcher Jones (@FletcherPrince)
    • Carlyle Smith (@ClylesVibe)
    • Pheniece Jones (@hautepjones)

SMC-DC Leadership Team 2010-2011: Open for All Members!

We’re excited to announce openings for our Social Media Club DC (SMC-DC) Leadership Team this year. After a stellar year with our current team, we have decided to expand our team to accommodate our growing membership.

The success and example of our friends at IABC, WWPR, WIT and PRSA-NCC have led us down a path where we’ve decided to structure a board and committee team member organization. We’re hoping this will allow more positions for members to become active, and also to help us grow even bigger and provide more useful content and activities for our close to 1,500 members.

Thank you to all our current team members who helped make this past year so wonderful.

  1. Larissa Fair (@LYF108)
  2. Andrea Baker (@immunity)
  3. Sarah Wurrey (@sarahwurrey)
  4. Travis Mason (@tgmason)
  5. Sara (Burson) Willis (@swegl)
  6. Andi Narvaez (SMBDC) (@andinarvaez)
  7. Maia Kotlus-Gates (@maiakg)
  8. Beth McNamee (@bethmcnamee)
  9. Nisha Chittal (@nishachittal)
  10. Meg Roberts (@megmroberts)
  11. Gabriel Key (@gabrielmkey)

We’re looking forward to making SMC-DC an even better organization with a little help from our members. Here are opportunities for you to join our team:

  • VP of Digital History (oversees Marketing & Digital Content Committee)
  • DC Events Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • MD/VA Events Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • SMBDC Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • Sponsorship Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • Partnership Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • Membership & Community Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)
  • Marketing & Digital Content Committee (Co-chair and member positions available)

Not sure where to start? Are you extremely organized and  well-connected in the DC metro area? Do you love event planning, sweating the small stuff and bringing people together? Check out our Events Committee. Early birds flock to the SMBDC Committee. If you have a huge network, don’t mind asking for donations, and are excited to help raise funds to keep our organization running smoothly, we NEED you for the Sponsorship Committee. Do you have a passion for charitable work? Do you love connecting the right people together? Are you a community leader? Join the Partnership Committee. Do you love to be connected? Interested in getting to know more about our members? Dedicated to community management? Check out our Membership & Community Committee. If you love to document events, take photos, enjoy graphic design (and web design), and have a knack with a video camera, we need your skills on our Marketing & Digital Content Committee. Applications are due August 6th, so take your time!

We are also looking for some web savvy graphic designers to help us make our online properties pop! Since SMC-DC is one of the largest chapters of Social Media Club in the country, we want to show off our stuff. Please contact us if you’re interested in designing a web page / blog site for us, and helping with our online branding (Facebook landing page, Twitter page, etc.). E-mail Larissa at larissafair(@)gmail(dot)com to volunteer. Thanks in advance!

Check out the open positions and committee descriptions and apply for a position. We can’t wait to hear from you.


SMC-DC June Event: Play by Play: Sports and Social Media

Summer is almost here, and we’re looking forward to DCWeek kicking us off for a great digital summer. We’d like to announce our final formal SMC-DC meeting of the year, which will be on June 23rd.

Sign up on Eventbrite:

Stay tuned for more fun events from SMC-DC this summer, including happy hours and possibly a Nationals game. We’ll also be announcing openings for the leadership team for 2010-2011, and how you can get involved. Stay in touch on Facebook and via our Twitter feed ( and our blog ( We also are helping to promote a number of community events. See below for a calendar and special discounts for SMC-DC members!

And now for our main event:
Play by Play: Sports and Social Media
Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Location: APCO Worldwide DC Offices
700 12th Street Northwest, Washington, DC
8th floor

Metro: Metro Center (red/orange/blue lines)
Parking: Street or garages available

Take me out to the ballgame! SMC-DC is teaming up with sports and social media experts from the DC area to talk about what happens when sports and social media collide. From players and franchises using Twitter to real-time sports bloggers sharing insider secrets, the sports world has never been as connected as it is now. Our expert panel will discuss the impact that social media has had on the games we love, and what the future of sports in a 24-7 online world looks like. Consider the impact of information and message control (or lack therof) for sports teams, and the way the fan experience has completely changed (you can talk to your favorite players through Twitter, blogs and online chats). Join us for a fun evening as we close out our 2009-2010 SMC-DC season.

Thanks to DC United’s Bryan Namoff (@NAMOFF) and @CoutureforaCure, we will have a pair of game tickets and a DC United jersey to raffle off. We will also have two pairs of tickets to two different Nationals Games courtesy of Navstar (@navstar / @immunity). Strasburg anyone?

Stay close to @smcdc – we may have a very special VIP guest attend this event as well!


  • Sarah Braesch (moderator), Draft Day Suit, BlogHer, and Women Talk Sports Advisory Board Member (@goonsquadsarah / @draftdaysuit)
  • Mike Schaffer, Social Media Manager at Iostudio, founder of #sportsprchat (@mikeschaffer)
  • Anthony Caponiti, Partner at Activ8Social (@dcsportsguy)
  • Liz Chang, Bloger at On Frozen Blog (@dcsportschick / @onfrozenblog)
  • Patrick Wixted, Sports & Gaming Account Manager at New Media Strategies, former Redskins PR Director (@pwixted)
  • Lindsay Czarniak, NBC News4 Sports reporter and anchor (@lindsayczarniak) *invited*

Sign up on Eventbrite:

Thanks to our Sponsors:

Marketwire (

Potomac Communications Group, Inc. (

Upcoming DC Community Events
DCWEEK (Digital Capital Week) June 11-20
Register for all events here:

June 11: DCWEEK Kick off Party

June 15: Sweets and Treats: DC’s Most Influential Women in Technology

Believers vs. Non-believers: Social Media in Education Stand-off
*2:15 pm – 3:15 pm

June 17: SMCEDU: Social Media Education World Cafe Roundtables
*1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

June 17: 140 Conference and TechCocktail
Because everyone loves Twitter. (No really, there are some great speakers lined up) ($60) and ($10)

June 18: SMBDC Breakfast: DC Week wake up call – Save Screen on the Green

June 25: Nonprofit 2.0 (Waitlist)

June 30: IABDC event w/ Ann Wylie
Register and select SMC-DC Member and save $50 off normal registration

July 12: Online Marketing Summit
Register here and save 20% by using this link or the discount code: SMCDC20
*For a limited time, receive 40% off and a free book. Register by June 14 and receive a complimentary book from keynote speakers. Choose from books by Jeff Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer of Kodak and author of the best-selling book, Mirror Test, and Clara Shih, author of The Facebook Era. Also receive $150 (40%) off ticket price. Use code OMSBOOK.

Ways to Help Tweetsgiving: Lucky Number 7

Thanks to our great partners and sponsors, we estimate that DC is currently leading ticket sales and support for Tweetsgiving! Not far behind are Silicon Valley and Richmond. We have less than a week to go, so keep it coming!

Here are some ways you can help, whether you can attend the event or not.

  1. Purchase a ticket. Early bird ($5) tickets are gone, but $10 ones are available. All proceeds (minus 75 cent processing fee) go directly to Epic Change.
  2. Make a donation. Go above and beyond and make a donation beyond the ticket fee, or simply buy a ticket even if you know you cannot attend. Cash and check donations will also be accepted at the door – make checks payable to Epic Change, Inc. A mobile giving option will also be available this week.
  3. Bring an item for local DC battered women’s shelter, My Sister’s Place. Stop by CVS on your way to the HH and pick up something small. Items they particularly need are: gift cards to grocery stores, gift cards to Target or Wal-Mart, bed linens for twin sized beds (hello college sales), new pots and pans, new coats for children under 12 years old (Gap sale anyone?). See more ideas here.
  4. Tweet about Tweetsgiving. Spread the word and share your gratitude. Use hashtags for #tweetsgiving #dc #smcdc and #thankfulfor. Follow @tweetsgivingdc @thankfulfor @smcdc for more updates
  5. Tag a photo on Flickr for Tweetsgiving. Have something you’re #thankfulfor and want to show your #gratitude for #tweetsgiving? Make sure you tag it right and show the world!
  6. Show what you’re #thankfulfor. The great folks from Shiny Heart Ventures who bring you will be providing slips of paper at the HH where you can write in what you’re thankful for and share your gratitude with the world. Pictures will be taken and posted!
  7. Invite a friend to come. The more the merrier!

Bottom line: $10 ticket gets you into event and also provides donation to Tweetsgiving/Epic Change for a technology lab in Tanzania and global gratitude event. Make it local by bringing small items to donate to My Sister’s Place.

We have a great technology and social media community in DC, let’s celebrate together and share our gratitude!

Don’t forget to download the AWESOME flier for the event and spread the word on or off-line!

Tweetsgiving Hits DC on November 24th

Tweetsgiving: Unleash Your Gratitude!
Celebrate the DC technology and social media community by sharing the thanks and love.


You’re invited to join Social Media Club DC (SMC-DC), Young Association Professionals (YAP), NextGenWeb, and at a happy hour to celebrate the DC metro technology and social media community and to support Tweetsgiving. Join the DC group for event updates and get tickets here: If you can’t make it, please consider making a small monetary donation to support DC’s final tally! Tickets start at $5 each, with an option to donate more. ALL TICKET SALES GO TO EPIC CHANGE.

Tweetsgiving is a global celebration that seeks to change the world through GRATITUDE. Last year Tweetsgiving raised over $10,000 to build a school in Tanzania. We have a lot to be thankful for, and hope that the DC area can contribute funds to implement a technology lab at the primary school where last year’s TweetsGiving classroom was built. For more information please visit:

In addition to raising funds for Tweetsgiving, we will also be accepting small donations of items for My Sister’s Place, a local DC women’s shelter. Please bring items to donate, anything will do! Think of small items like socks, gloves, scarves, hats, towels, sheets, utensils, cleaning products, school supplies and craft items, food storage items, toiletry items, etc.

Please purchase your Tweetsgiving tickets here (, all proceeds will go towards Tweetsgiving.

During the event, you will also have an opportunity to share what you are #thankfulfor. It will be a great #Tweetsgiving for all!

We are also looking for SPONSORS to make this event a success. Sponsorship money will go towards food and drink at BlackFinn DC, so the more the merrier! All additional funds post-event cost will be donated to Tweetsgiving as well. We have a variety of pricing tiers, so please e-mail us at if you would like to sponsor this event! We can’t do it without you!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Rock Creek Strategic Marketing

Young Association Professionals (DC)

New Media Strategies

Bradshaw Vineyards
Debbie Weil


Date: Tuesday, November 24th
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm
Location: BlackFinn DC
1620 I Street NW
Washington DC 20006

Parking garage next door ($8 after 5 pm and open until midnight)
Metro: Farragut West (Orange/Blue) or Farragut North (Red)

Please contact with any additional questions.


Save the Date: Tweetsgiving!

Tweetsgiving DC

Join Social Media Club DC (SMC-DC), Young Association Professionals
(YAP) and more to celebrate our community and express our gratitude
for all that we have! We have a lot to be #thankfulfor and we are
partnering with Tweetsgiving this year to support Epic Change.

We will also be supporting a local charity, TBA.

Stay tuned for more details including tickets and a community website,
but save the date for now!

Date: Tuesday, November 24th
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm

SMC-DC Fan page event:
SMC-DC Group event:

Welcome to Social Media Club – Washington DC

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