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Citizens For Japan Happy Hour: Wednesday, March 23

Citizen Effect’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund launched last week and already the support has been overwhelming. Backed by a generous pledge from Google CEO and Chairman Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy to match the first $100,000 in donations to the fund, Citizen Effect exceeded that mark in just 5 days.

What’s most encouraging, however, is that donors and Citizen Philanthropists have decided that the whopping $200,000 ($100,000 donated plus the Schmidts’ matching $100,000) that Citizen Effect has raised for the Japan Earthquake Relief Fun isn’t enough. Citizen Philanthropists — people who commit not just to giving money, but raising money from their families and friends — are signing up every day to raise even more funds. You can do the same by visiting “”

And to provide us with another opportunity to bring our local community together to help the people of Japan, DC-based Citizen Effect is hosting a Citizens For Japan Happy Hour THIS Wednesday, March 23 at Local 16 from 6-9PM. The event is FREE to attend, however donations are suggested
and Local 16 will be donating 10% of the evening’s proceeds to support
Citizen Effect’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund for the American Red Cross.



Join Social Media Club and Citizen Effect in making a difference for this cause. Representatives from the American Red Cross will be at the event to address questions about the current situation on the ground in Japan and to share more ways in which you can get involved with the relief efforts to support Japan’s recovery.


A special #SMCDC event: Annie Stela concert at Busboys and Poets on 10/28 to support education in Africa

They say social media can be used for social good.
They say music is good for the soul.
Doing good is generally known to be good for the soul.
Get ready to feel ALL sorts of good, everywhere.

Join is for an event of social media, musical, and philanthropic proportions.
MIND BLOW. A true social media story…

SMCDC  —> Annie Stela in concert —> at Busboys and Poets   —> to support Citizen Effect’s education project

Come out for a night of music when Annie Stela comes to DC to perform on Thursday, October 28th! She’ll be doing a one-night performance at Busboys and Poets at 5th and K St. NW at 9:00 PM. You’ll have the opportunity to hear some of Annie’s work and get a chance to win a signed copy of her CDs AND win free Citizen Effect T-shirts!

Register for Join us for a special Social Media Club-DC event in October:  Annie Stela at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

The social media story

Through the power of her website and blog, Annie reached out to fans to ask if they wanted her to come to their city to play at their house for their group of friends. Our very own SMCDC leadership member, @Mike_Kohn — a big Annie Stela fan — wrote Annie and asked her to come to DC. And the rest, as they say, is history. Instead of keeping Annie to himself; however, Mike is sharing her with SMCDC and all of DC for that matter a true social media man.

The Annie Stela story

After a childhood spent writing poems and songs in quiet suburban Michigan, Annie Stela moved to LA at the age of 22. She got a hard core-case of mono and some serious culture shock – but once she recovered, she was signed to Capitol Records. She recorded her debut full-length record, Fool, with producer Bill Bottrell (Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynne) and, after fear over her label’s stability, released it independently on iTunes in early 2008. Influenced by artists like Billy Joel, Ben Folds Five, and Tori Amos, Fool chronicles Annie’s journey from Michigan to LA and, as such, from childhood to adulthood. After touring with artists like Joseph Arthur, Ron Sexsmith, and Bright Eyes, she later released Little House and Hard City.

Tickets are only $5 (that’s less than a lot of phone apps!), which will go to support education for HIV-affected youth in Rwanda as part of a Citizen Effect project.

Register for Join us for a special Social Media Club-DC event in October:  Annie Stela at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

The Citizen Effect: Education in Rwanda Story

The majority of youth in the Kirehe and Kayonza districts of Eastern Province, Rwanda, live in extreme poverty and are not able to enjoy their right to an education. The most vulnerable youth are those that are HIV-affected, a large portion of whom are orphans. They have the greatest chance of not receiving secondary schooling or proper HIV treatment.

The FACE AIDS 2010 Back to School Campaign aims to raise funds to send HIV-affected Rwandan youth to secondary school. The Back to School Campaign has the potential to help up to 656 students. By joining the campaign, you are standing in solidarity with HIV-affected students in Rwanda, ensuring that they can enjoy the same right to an education as you do.

Register for Join us for a special Social Media Club-DC event in October:  Annie Stela at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

A special thanks to Busboys and Poets!

Busboys and Poets is a restaurant, bookstore, fair trade market and gathering place where people can discuss issues of social justice and peace. Each Busboys and Poets location should enhance the community — allowing us to bring together a diverse clientele reflective of the surrounding neighborhoods. Busboys and Poets creates an environment where shared conversations over food and drink allow the progressive, artistic and literary communities to dialogue, educate and interact. Follow them on Twitter and declare your love on Facebook.

#CitizenGulf #DateAuction : Meet our eligible bachelors and bachelorettes!

#CitizenGulf National Day of Action is TOMORROW! And since everyone has been showing how big their hearts are by supporting  #CitizenGulf and making a difference for families in the Gulf, we ought to give those hearts a little something back…

Announcing the #CitizenGulf #DateAuction!

Featuring DC’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes! Bidding will start at $5 – not necessarily because our singles are worth that much, but because we want to make sure there’s no weird financial pressure involved so that everyone can have a good time.

All you have to do to bid is be there. The easiest way to do that is to click the button below.

Register for CitizenGulf DC: National Day of Action in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bring cash! We will have a form on-site to get contact information for auction bidders who wish to receive a tax-deductible receipt from Citizen Effect. After you’re done reading, we’ve embedded a map of ATMs located near Washington, DC, for your convenience, trust me… you’ll want to date these folks  😉

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Thank you for your support!

Without further ado – Meet out bachelors and bachelorettes!!


Alison kicks ass and often takes names – but only in the form of Twitter handles. She bleeds red, not because it’s normal, but because she’s from Massachusetts and a wicked die-hard Red Sox fan. So if you prefer pinstripes, you shouldn’t bother bidding. Ok, well since this is for charity, Yankees fans can bid, but they have to pay double. When she’s not managing marketing and communications for GlobalGiving, Alison likes to perform improv and karaoke, but also likes to channel her inner Liz Lemon and watch primetime cable news and do crossword puzzles. Fair warning, your date will inevitably have its own hashtag and be livetweeted.


Sterling is 29 years old. He is 6ft tall, has black hair, dark brown eyes, and a smile that ­shines so bright, it does his name justice. He is a software engineer and senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. He is well-versed in IT technologies including Java/Java EE, JSP, XML, XHTML, SQL, C++, PHP & MySQL, DB2, Microsoft: SharePoint Portal Server, ASP.NET, C# — and is looking for someone who can complement his analytical and coding skills. Sterling is fluent in binary code, but this Aries is even more fluent in the language of love.


Despite his Asian heritage Patrick wouldn’t call himself a Social Media ninja. This Boston native has a driver’s license says he’s 5’10” but insists he’s 5 feet, 10 and a half inches. Patrick is social media flack at New Media Strategies and is a writer for We Love DC. When he’s not winning over clients and readers he’s winning the hearts of patrons as a professional stage manager. Don’t worry however, this dark and handsome gentleman leaves drama at the door, he’s a lover- not a fighter after all.


Hailing originally from New Jersey, Genevieve lives in DC and is a public affairs specialist for the United States Mint. Just graduated with her Master’s from Georgetown this spring she has lots of time on her hands to shop for shoes, watch bad Vince Vaughn movies, and read the Sunday Washington Post. She likes a good bottle of Pinot Noir or an ice-cold Stoli martini after work or while cooking dinner for her friends…or anytime really. A soccer-player and a jock at heart, Genevieve loves to root for the hometown boys, the Caps, Nationals and DC United but left her football loyalty in Chicago with the Bears and Brian Urlacher. At 5’7″ with dark brown eyes, and brown curly hair, she has an infectious laugh that would fit in at any comedy club in DC. Having acquired her first bicycle without streamers, a flowered basket, or a banana seat she’s looking for a fellow foodie with whom she can explore DC’s bike trails and other undiscovered nooks and crannies.


Toby has been in the Advertising / Communication industry for more than five years. With a bachelor’s degree in Creative Advertising Art Direction from VCU, this creative renaissance man has worked with national accounts and local non-profits. He currently serves as Communications Director for a DC-based non-profit that teaches film-making to underserved youth as a means for them to tell their story. He likes a dirty goose martini after a long day, dislikes debbie-downers & nay-sayers, believes in magic, and has an affinity toward great typography.


Alex is the college boy you’ve always wanted. He’s a real American man, pursuing two degrees in marketing and communications at the prestigious American University right here in Washington, D.C. A true networker, Alex has built a reputation for his social media prowess and is well known for being one of the best-looking avatars in Twitter-feeds around the city. He’s looking for someone who can match his social nature and non-stop, outgoing and ambitious personality. His Klout score may be only 70, but in love he’s nothing less than a perfect 100.

I told you. To the ATM you go!

Register for CitizenGulf DC: National Day of Action in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

Special thanks to our individual sponsors

Tracy Tran (@TracyTran)

Eric Johnson (@el_studio)

Jill Foster (@JillFoster)

Anne Eigeman (@aeindc)

Chris Abraham (@chrisabraham)

Thanks to #CitizenGulf local supporters

Check out the Oil Spill Browser Plug-in created by Jess3.

At any mention of BP, the word is blacked out and oil drips down.

Dan Morrison: The #CitizenGulf Story and National Day of Action on 8/25th

How did one blogger fact-finding trip lead to a full National Day of Action to help Gulf children and their families?

CitizenEffect‘s founder Dan Morrison shares the story and hope for helping out the Gulf region.  How can you help?  Attend great parties next week on 8/25th where your $10 fee (or more if you’d like!) goes toward helping the educational futures for children of Gulf fishing families.

Dan will be our featured speaker at CitizenGulf-DC! We hope you will be there to meet him in person, to have a great time, and to support this great cause! Click below to RSVP:

Register for CitizenGulf DC: National Day of Action in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

Special thanks to original team  member of the CitizenGulf project, Jill Foster, for producing this video interview!

Thanks to #CitizenGulf local supporters

Check out the Oil Spill Browser Plug-in created by Jess3.

At any mention of BP, the word is blacked out and oil drips down.

Would you join us 8/25 to make a difference for the Gulf? #CitizenGulf

This is a guest post by Jill Foster, one of the original team members of the #CitizenGulf project.


It’s a tremendous show of partnership for Social Media Club to be supporting CitizenEffect’s National Day of Action next week on Wednesday, August 25th. It’s fantastic.

Are you in the Washington, DC area? If so, please join the local SMC-DC chapter at a meetup 8/25th, as apart of a National Day of Action and fundraising effort for Gulf children’s education.

Are you outside DC or in a different region all together? Perfect! Other cities are participating too next week, complete with jazz, friends, Hurricanes, and great conversation on helping the Gulf recover.

Some reasons why we’re inviting you to participate:

Last month I joined a nonprofit called CitizenEffect for their fact-finding mission trip to the Gulf – or called #CitizenGulf on Twitter. The goal was to learn directly from fishing families about how they’d been impacted by the BP oil spill (and also learn from local nonprofits supporting the Gulf region).

We saw a lot that was both humbling and difficult to observe.

After meeting fishing families in Louisiana’s St. Bernard Parish one day, we stopped by a 9th Ward neighborhood. Many homes had been leveled or abandoned since Hurricane Katrina (of which the 5th year anniversary occurs next week). Either way, several vacant homes still stood as reminders of Katrina’s ruination.

Katrina house1

We then continued on to Pensacola, Florida to discuss the oil spill’s impact with locals there and inspect beachfronts. Our team scoped out Casino Beach in particular, pictured below, and its tar balls rolling up on the sand (…my foot in comparison to a tar ball).

beach tar ball sneaker

Fishing families had just started to rebound from Katrina, then the oil spill emerged…

Would you join DC’s Social Media Club chapter and CitizenEffect to create next steps for Gulf fishing families? It’s all happening on an awesome National Day of Action, Wednesday, August 25th.

If you’re in DC, please RSVP and we look forward to seeing you.

Register for CitizenGulf DC: National Day of Action in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

If you want to host a meetup or join your local SMC chapter, please check to see what may already be organized on the National Day of Action in your city.

How your efforts benefit children of Gulf fishing families (plus more ways to help)

In addition to planning meetups with friends and Social Media Club per above, you’re welcome to donate anytime or vote for a PepsiRefresh project to benefit Gulf communities. All funds raised through the CitizenGulf National Day of Action will be donated to Catholic Charities of New Orleans (less processing fees) for their After School Assembly program.

Thanks again Social Media Club for your great help in creating more possibilities for this region and these families.

Jill teaches communications through social media tools and community engagement in the Washington, DC area. She is the founder editor of Women Grow Business, co-founder of DC Media Makers, Blogger at Live Your Talk. Named by Forbes as one of 30 women entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. Winner of the Social Citizen Award on how technology could help communities in Washington, DC. Jill

Special thanks to #CitizenGulf local supporters

Check out the Oil Spill Browser Plug-in created by Jess3.

At any mention of BP, the word is blacked out and oil drips down.

August heating up: #SMCDC Happy hour and #CitizenGulf-DC are right around the corner!

You know how August was supposed to be the month Social Media Club-DC was going to slow things down to cool off (literally), review new leadership team applications, and plan for the upcoming year? No way. There are too many good things going on that we are excited about. And here we go!

Celebrating new SMCDC officers, August 18

BIG thanks to everyone who applied to be part of SMC-DC leadership. We are currently reviewing applications and placing folks in positions we think will shine and help our community. We will send congratulations out to team members this week and formally announce the 2010-2011 leadership team next week. to celebrate, you are cordially invited to happy hour on August 18 to mix and mingle with our new team! Save the date and stay tuned for more details, but the event will be held in DC proper, probably Chinatown or downtown. If you would like to sponsor this event, please contact us at socialmediaclubdc [at]

Raising funds for Gulf families with CitizenEffect, August 25

We are also proud to announce that Social Media Club-DC has joined Citizen Effect’s CitizenGulf project on it’s National Day of Action — August 25 in alignment with the week of the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The benefit — to be promoted by Gulf Coast Benefit — seeks to help fishing families find a new, more sustainable future by providing education resources for their children.

Social Media Club very much supports the project, which will take place in cities from Honolulu all the way to New York. Please join us for our event in DC at Busboys and Poets (5th & K, NW). In honor of New Orleans, we’re jazzing it up — literally! We hope you’ll be there to support this great cause and for the good times à la Mardi Gras 🙂 Please click here to RSVP and help us spread the word!

If you or your company is interested in supporting this great cause by sponsoring our CitizenGulf event, please register for the appropriate level and we’ll get in touch with you to add your logo or an image/link to your blog on our Eventbrite page and other promotions. Thank you in advance!

Register for CitizenGulf DC: National Day of Action in Washington, DC  on Eventbrite

See you all on August 18 and 25!

Image Credit: CitizenGulf and Flower Art Garden

Special thanks to #CitizenGulf local supporters